Organization is the Ultimate Key to Getting Out of Debt

Why Organization is the Ultimate Key to Success for Getting Out of Debt

Being in debt is hard. This is true from anyone, whether you had a comfortable lifestyle and then encountered a sharp, unexpected fall or have been struggling for several years. But the good news is, “being in debt” is not a character trait–you can change it by consciously putting energy toward improvement (and not being hard on yourself at the same time).

When you read this site and other sites out there about getting out of debt, you’ll likely be inundated with a ton of tips and tricks and ideas that just make you want to do nothing. And many sites out there will provide you with short term loan options like car title loans that push you further into debt. Wouldn’t it just be easier to avoid it at all costs? Perhaps in the short term, but certainly not in the long term.

In order to support all the other advice out there, you just need to have one super important skill in your back pocket: organization. While we all might pretend to be organized to impress others, chances are there are more efficient ways in which you could put all your thoughts together. Or, if you’re a calendar and Post-it organization king or queen, hats off to you, and you’re sure to understand what we’re saying.

When it comes to getting out of debt, there are a lot of details to deal with. There are deadlines and possible new solutions, all while you’re dealing with your everyday stresses. Even if you’ve heard this a million times, it doesn’t change the fact that it has value: write stuff down. It could be on a piece of paper or a note on your phone. What you write on doesn’t matter so much as your ability to find it later. After all, you could write down all the things in the world, and if you couldn’t see them again, you’d just be out of luck.

So, perhaps for you this means dating your notes or having a spreadsheet that outlines every payment you need to make, its amount, and the date you paid it. There isn’t one set way to be organized, as different methods feel right for different people. If you haven’t spent a ton of time working on organization, expect some trial and error.

No matter what system you’re using or trying, remember that organization isn’t something that you just do once. It’s like cleaning your bathroom or doing another chore that you’d rather push to never. It comes up again and again because there’s regular work required for success (this could come in the form of writing new bills down when they come, for example). But, like many have found before you, you’ll likely discover that slowly forming a routine will slowly lower the threshold of difficulty until it’s not there at all. It just takes time and just a tiny bit of dedication.

With an organizational system in place, you’ll be able to see what’s going on without having to go through a ton of papers. By giving yourself a safety net of organization, the holes for things slipping through the cracks get smaller and smaller.