Clean Investing: Value for the Everyone

Top Emerging Clean Technologies

Clean investing is on the frontier of new areas for investors everywhere. What some may not realize is how much it is not only going to help already developed countries but ones that are struggling with poverty and need it the most. Developed countries are going to see the benefits as they are less reliant on fossil fuels and can begin to go towards alternative ways of fueling their lives and economies. Developing countries are going to have the added benefits that many countries don’t have that will provide them with clean technology and cleaner more healthier lives that will be a benefit for any company rising up through the ranks.

This has already seeped into the large rich elite sector with people of higher incomes utilizing electric cars like Tesla, who now wants to start scaling Tesla to reach the lower classes eventually. But aside from helping other lower classes it will also help with the truly poor, we are talking below the world poverty line.

Helping the Lowest Earners

The truly amazing thing with these clean technologies is that they are going be a paradigm shift in rising economies. For example many industrial nations of this day and age such as America and China were all created off of the backs of big energy. That includes fossil fuels like natural gas, oil, coal and a myriad of non-renewables. This contributed to them becoming post-industrial nations, but unfortunately contributed to a lot of unnecessary pollution and trouble with renewable technologies.

Now new uprising countries in Africa, Asia, and parts of South America can skip past this point in their evolution of becoming developed countries. For example the more people that come out poverty will want to do consumer like things such as shopping and driving cars. They will want to begin traveling and doing things that people do in the developed world. Some may worry that this will contribute to more pollution, but as investors in clean energy there’s a chance to stop that and make this a change for the better.

Investments Needed

As more people begin investing in clean energies then they will become more widespread because that initial investment money will be going to renewables and not to dirtier types of technologies that contribute to pollution and non-sustainability. Aside from the environmental benefits there are economic incentives as well. For example Tesla has been such a successful company because the United States government backs it in a few different ways. They are promoting the growth of clean companies and given tax benefits and special help. Oftentimes they receive credits for zero emission and this helps promote the company.

Clean energy and investing is a new area and will need more research. By having investors more interested in cleaner technologies will help make them more widespread and offset costs for research and development. As better tech is produced this will scale down prices and help spread it all across different economic classes. Tesla and companies like Solar City are great opportunities for investors to get in this market and help spread the value.


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