San Diego One of the Top Clean Technology Cities

Out of all 50 states in the union, San Diego remains one of the top known for its thriving clean technology industry. While it ranked third in 2014, 2015 showed a small drop to 4th, but the city still has one of the most populous clean technology industries in the country.

What is Clean Technology?

The Clean Technology Trade Alliance, which works to expand the clean technology sector on a global scale, describes the industry as such: “A broad base of processes, practices and tools, in any industry that supports a sustainable business approach, including but not limited to: pollution control, resource reduction and management, end of life strategy, waste reduction, energy efficiency, carbon mitigation and profitability.”

From environmental scientists to the layman, the popular consensus has shifted and placed a high value on developments in this industry. It is becoming vital on a worldwide scale to invest in advances in this field so that everyone may benefit from the progress in areas such as solar power, wind power, biofuel, water filtration and more.

San Diego Cleantech Landscape Report

Cleantech San Diego is a nonprofit organization dedicated to positioning and furthering the city’s presence in the clean technology field on both a nationwide and global scale. Chubb, a clean energy-focused insurance company, and Clean Edge, the world’s foremost clean energy research firm, contributed to the study.

The 2015 San Diego Cleantech Landscape Report examined many different aspects of the clean technology industry in order to assess San Diego’s current position in the field. For instance, the report examined how many buildings built recently were equipped with modern energy-efficient features. It looked at advances in renewable power and green transportation, such as the production of hybrid and electric vehicles and the installation of charging stations across the city.

On the production side, the report also examined how much venture capital was invested in the clean technology industry and how many patents were applied for by companies and organizations in the city.

Other Top Cleantech Cities

According to the same report, San Francisco is the top clean technology city, as it has been for 2013 and 2014 as well. San Jose, CA comes in as number two, with Portland, OR in third.

After San Diego, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, CA, Seattle, WA, Boston, MA, Austin, TX and Chicago, IL round out the top ten.

San Diego’s Cleantech industry has grown substantially since 2007. In 2007, there were only 125 companies in the area. In 2015, more than 800 clean technology companies call San Diego home. But San Diego dropping from third to fourth could mean good things for the industry: it means more and more cities are beginning to make developing clean technology a priority.

While it is important and admirable for San Diego to rank amongst the top clean technology cities in the U.S., it is vital for other cities to continue improving their own efforts in the sector. It is only when clean technology becomes competitive and common will the benefits truly have an impact both financially and environmentally.

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