The Google Time Travelling Car Leaked

Google recently had an “oops” moment and leaked their mega plan of building a time travelling car. With Google, a company that’s actively developing self-driving cars, we all believe that they have the resources and genius minds to comfortably come up with anything — including a time travelling car.

So, when will it be in production? Will we actually be able to travel to both the future and past?

Slow down now — not so fast there. Unfortunately, although we wish Google were serious about it, it was just a marketing antic. We are probably light years away from someone possibly ever coming up with a machine that can bend time through space and make time travelling possible, much like Chicago SEO.  Maybe they will travel back to 2015 and ferry us to the oblivion of futures…or, maybe not.

Google was only lost in the excitement of the moment- The Future Day. Just like other companies that capitalized on the moment to market themselves, Google came up with a rather remarkable idea of brewing an online storm from a simple “project leakage”. While Nike announced its Michael J. Fox collaboration plans to come up with state of the art limited edition Nike Mags, and Lyft offered free New York DeLorean rides, Google took to twitter to “leak” their plans.

To make it believable, they embedded a link in a tweet that was to introduce Gmail users to a host of new email account themes. However, instead of being directed to a theme page, the link redirected social media users to a “confidential” PDF file called “Project Flux”

Project Flux- get it? If you remember the movie Back to the Future 2 correctly, Marty McFly, the character played by Michael J Fox, travelled through time in a DeLorean DMC-12 from 1985 to 2015 with the help of a “Flux capacitor”.

The PDF file got many people fooled, with some even going ahead to download the entire document and taking screenshots of Google’s ultimate “secret”. It contained drawings and pictures of the said “time travelling” car, whose prototype looked like a spawn between the company’s self-driving car and the DeLorean. Additionally, there were several details which were in line with the film’s storyline. The car, for instance, had been scheduled for production in Ireland, from the 21st of October. After that, it was expected to undergo “88 public tests” before June 2016. But that was just another trick by Google, coming from the fact that in the movie, the DeLorean had to move at a speed of 88 miles hour to effectively jump through time.

That was indeed a remarkably good gag by Google- although we all hope that some executive, in the near future, walks to the boss’ office and pitches an idea to build a time travelling machine. It may seem like a crazy idea, but Google clearly has “crazier” genius minds.


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